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Exclamation TeenPlanet Forum Rules

General Rules:
  1. BE NICE!
  2. Please use the "Attatchments" option to post images. Click the "Upload Photos" button near the bottom of the page under Additional Options. No more imageshack, etc.
  3. Any girls under 18 or who LOOK under 18 will be removed. Do not post them. If you are requesting underage pics, count on being banned.
  5. MORE PORN!! This includes girls with cum on them and shit like that. We are an uberhardcore forum!
  6. No watermarked or Copyrighted pics !
  7. Any bullying or ganging up on members will result in warnings and ultimately will get you banned.
  8. Please try to post in the correct forum. We will move your thread to the correct forum if we have to but please try to choose the correct on in the first place.

Disciplinary Action:
  1. Obvious violations will be corrected by immediate moderator intervention.
  2. A warning will be issued either publicly or in private.
  3. Continued violation will result in Your ass kicked to the curb.

How you can help!

You can really help keep this board fun and spam free by reporting posts. This is an anonymous feature that only sends to the mods of the board. If you SEE a post that is in violation here is what to do:
  1. On the post that is in violation look on the Top Right corner of the post itself. There will be a little icon of a "!" Click that bad boy.
  2. Put in a reason for violation.
  3. Click the "Send Report" button.
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Closed Thread

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